How to withdraw from a casino
Posted by Brendan John on 07 November 2016 07:40 PM

If you have a balance and wish to withdraw funds, please contact support and provide:

  1. Total you would like to withdraw.
  2. Method to be used for your payment.

We offer the following refund methods:

  1. Bank wire transfer (you are subjected to transfer costs)
  2. Skrill.
  3. NETeller.
  4. Credit Card

In the event you would like us to pay to your credit card, please note that we can only refund up to the amount you have deposited to us on that card. Payments to cards are subjected to certain delays which are out of our control. Please allow 7 days for us to process such payments.

Please also note that the following countries are blocked (outright) from receiving partial refunds: 


For many other countries, such as RU, partial refunds are determined by the specific institution where a card has been issued. In other words, it is possible that a partial refund can be issued, but not unusual if full and partial refunds are outright blocked.

Deposit Cancelations:

In the event, we cancel your credit card deposit before a settlement has occurred (i.e on the same day of payment having been made), there will be no actual refund to your card, instead, the original transaction is canceled. This may be confusing as your bank will claim that the transaction was successful and has been deducted. This is not entirely true. When a card payment is made, Visa/MC "reserves" the payment amount which is approved by your bank. If a payment is canceled, this reservation is removed and the payment is not "settled". Depending on your bank, this may take a number of days for the cancelation to reflect on your accounts. Please be patient and wait at least 7 working days before contacting us.

If cancelation is not reflecting after this time, please scan and send a paper statement (i.e. the one your bank sends to you by post) with the amount outstanding clearly marked. We will send this to our merchant processor who will investigate with the acquiring bank.

If the above options do not suit your needs, contact us and we will see if there are alternative methods we can offer.

IMPORTANT: You will need to create a support account to contact us.

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