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Posted by Brendan John on 15 June 2017 04:10 PM


So you have a game idea you wish to promote via, this is great news!

As you can imagine, this is not as simple as it may at first sound. When dealing with bets and odds, a lot of money is at stake and certification is mandatory in order to ensure fairness to our customers.


We have adopted the standards as outlined by GamingLabs (GLI). The list of standards are here: The relevant standard for our platform is GLI-19 which refers to Interactive Gaming Systems.

We recommend you follow the standards from top to bottom which will ensure that your game is accepted by all jurisdictions in which we are licensed. If your game is rejected by any of our license providers, we will be obliged to block access to it from the relevant jurisdiction.

From the website:

GLI's business is to test, review and report on gaming devices and systems against the standards established by relevant gaming jurisdictions worldwide. Each jurisdiction has the authority to set their own standards; however, many use our standards as a starting point in developing their regulations.

In other words, GLI has established the base standards for gaming devices and systems around the world. We are the experts in the industry.


Before we are able to offer your games to end users, you will need to obtain RNG certification which you may obtain through

Be advised that different jurisdictions have their own unique set of certification requirements and as we obtain licensing in different jurisdictions, your games may have to be re-certified in order for us to offer them in that jurisdiction. A good starting point is to obtain certification for the UK market. The UK has become a leader in terms of their regulations and other jurisdictions tend to follow their example. By being certified for the UK market, become certified for other markets will cost much less and in some cases will only require a basic transfer certificate (TOA).

The minimum certification for our system is RNG which can provide at a competitive rate.


We prefer our games to be hosted in an environment under our control. While we understand this is not always possible, it is a preference. If you as of yet do not have game server hosting, we can offer some great deals from our US facility. 


We will be publishing the location to our API documentation shortly.


We expect to have access to a game control panel where we are able to monitor and control statistics, game percentages, game images, game names and related information. Your games must offer an API which our system will consume and deploy to our network.

As we are the license holder, we have final say over game settings in our network.


While a game may have its own stats and projections, you will be provided with a game provider account in which you will have access to transactions, earnings and payments.


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