419 Scams
Posted by Brendan John on 07 July 2017 07:59 AM

A 419 Scam or a Nigerian Advanced Fraud scam in its absolute basic form works like this:

  1. You receive some form of contact (Email / Phone call / Text message...), informing you that you have won some prize (lottery jackpot, a car, a house...).
  2. To collect your prize, you will need to pay a fee.

That's it.

As you interact with the scammer, their entire angle is to relieve you of a small amount of cash (when compared to the greater prize) in order to "release" the prize. For a lottery, this may be some stamp duty fees and for a car, it may be custom and excise fees. The bottom line, to get you to make a payment.

In addition to the above, the scammers will do their best to get as much private information from you as humanly possible. With this information, they may attempt to take out a loan or simply finance something they may want. I am sure you can imagine the repercussions this may have on your life.

How does it work with gambling and lottery?

You will likely receive an email stating you have won a prize for some random game typically a lottery. It will be sent to you using logos and banners of a legitimate business often using their real telephone numbers and containing real email addresses. You will be asked to get in touch with your "account manager" or some other official sounding person. More often than not, you will be asked to fill in a form with all your private information: Full name, address, telephone number, bank details etc.

View our YouTube channel for videos on 419 lottery scammers.

The sort of email you can expect to receive? A quick google search for: 419 scam lottery email reveals the following:

419 lottery scam


If in doubt, it's likely a scam. If you want someone to take a look on your behalf feel free to contact us.

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