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Posted by Brendan John on 11 August 2017 10:18 AM


When we first started our lottery business way back in 2003, we had agents in various jurisdictions walking to shops and buying physical tickets on behalf of our customers. As you can imagine, this is not a sustainable business model and is part of the reason as to why our ticket prices were a lot higher than they are today.

Today we do things differently. Instead of agents, we use a risk company that is plugged directly into official lottery agents (under license) and for these games, no physical ticket exists. In other cases, tickets are purchased automatically through physical terminals, eliminating the requirement for "human" agents, and while physical tickets do exist, our orders form part of many millions of tickets being printed each month.

Our new business model presents a new, unexpected challenge namely "perception". In the past, we were able to present customers with a scan of a physical ticket as proof of purchase, this, however, is slowly becoming a thing of the past and one day we will only be able to present our customers with "digitised scans" (ones not created from a physical print out).

Currently, we offer digitised scans for:

  1. UK Games
  2. Australian Games
  3. Euromillions Austria

We are in the process of setting this up for all other games too.

Auditing process:

As part of our agreement with our risk provider, we are able to request a certain amount of ticket scans (where available) as part of an audit process. When requesting a ticket scan, this will have a 30 + day turn around time due to the sheer volume of physical tickets and the logistics required to find an individual scan.

For practical reasons, we can not provide scans for tickets purchased outside of an audit cycle. As a rule of thumb, you must request a scan in the same month that you bought the ticket. 

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