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We were recently asked some great questions in terms of our lottery service and so we decided to write a knowledge base article on this in order to assist other clients with similar questions. HOW WE USED TO BUY TICKETS In the past, we had agents in a...
Selecting multiple draws for a lottery game is simple, all you need to do is select the "Total Draws" drop down. Image available on TechSmith:
LOTTERY TICKET SCANS When we first started our lottery business way back in 2003, we had agents in various jurisdictions walking to shops and buying physical tickets on behalf of our customers. As you can imagine, this is not a sustainable business mode...
If you happen to win a large US jackpot, as a non-resident, what taxes are you subjected to? * Winnings are subject to 25% federal withholding tax * Winnings are not subject to state tax because we process tickets in Delaware and Pennsylvania
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